Who we are

ISCOME is a global interdisciplinary research center that pursues the vision: “Better communication, better healthcare.” In pursuit of this vision, ISCOME’s mission is to activate international and interdisciplinary research collaborations that harness communication science to improve the quality and safety of healthcare worldwide. 

The founding board of ISCOME consisted of a group of distinguished international scholars from diverse academic backgrounds who met for the first time at a grant-funded conference entitled “Communicating Medical Error (COME) 2013” on Monte Verità in Ascona, Switzerland. The COME 2013 conference was organized by Prof. Annegret Hannawa, who invited leading interdisciplinary scholars from across the globe onto a common scientific platform to discuss current and future research directions for the prevention, intervention, analysis, and disclosure of preventable adverse events. 

Their common vision, shared mission, research passion, interest in translating theory into practice, and enthusiasm to establish impactful collaborations motivated the scholars to reconvene for another meeting in Washington DC in November 2013. The group then formalized into a non-profit organization in January 2014. 

Photo: Invited Speakers at (IS)COME 2013 in Switzerland

Photo: Invited Speakers at (IS)COME 2013 in Switzerland

The ISCOME executive board consists of an elected subgroup of the scholars who attended the initial (IS)COME 2013 conference, and who have dedicated themselves to improve patient safety and quality care by integrating their knowledge, empirical data, and disciplinary perspectives into innovative research collaborations. 

“The Golden Bridge: Communication and Patient Safety” was the theme of the most recent public ISCOME conference, held in Montecatini (Italy) in June 2015. For three subsequent days following a stimulating public conference, ISCOME gathered a global team of experts that formed into an interdisciplinary ISCOME Workgroup to implement ISCOME’s mission through the pursuit of a strategic research framework. The ISCOME Manifesto captures the core focus and motivation of this Workgroup. 

This website portrays the vision, mission, values and goals of ISCOME, introduces its board members and officers, showcases the activities and accomplishments of the ISCOME workgroup, and informs about ongoing and upcoming projects and events.