ISCOME Officers

Director of Educational Relations

Kristen Campbell Eichhorn

Directs strategic efforts and projects that increase ISCOME influence within educational settings. Responsible for increasing awareness and building support for new and existing members to enhance ISCOME’s visibility and revenue generating opportunities; for serving as a liaison to regional, national, and international constituencies and building relationships with key stake holders that will provide opportunities that are aligned with the ISCOME’s mission; for linking faculty and students with new and existing ISCOME workgroups that will enhance research and evaluation; and for connecting educational settings with ISCOME research findings to help inform and improve curriculum design and assessment.

Kristen Campbell Eichhorn, PhD is an accomplished administrator with a distinguished record of teaching, research, and service in the communication discipline and higher education.  In 2014, she was promoted to Professor. She has successful and extensive experience in program/curriculum development, assessment and strategic planning.  She was serving as the Interim Dean of the Division of Extended Learning at the State University of New York at Oswego, in 2013. Before that, she was the Chair of the Communication Studies Department, where she was instrumental in developing a graduate program that included a health communication certificate.  She publishes in interdisciplinary contexts including, interpersonal, health, organizational communication, public relations and instructional communication. Her research has been published in the Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication, Human Communication, College Student Journal, Communication Research Reports, International Journal of Leadership Studies, American Journal of Health Studies and Public Relations Review. Additionally, she co-authored the quantitative chapter in the Handbook of Applied Communication Research and coauthored the textbook, Interpersonal Communication: Building Rewarding Relationships (with Candice Thomas-Maddox and Melissa Bekelja Wanzer). Kristen is also active in her discipline. She is currently running for vice-president elect-select for the Eastern Communication Association, where she has held several elected positions. She is also active at the National Communication Association and serves on three review boards for national and international journals. Recently, she was awarded a Presidential Faculty Fellowship to work on projects related to enhancing assessment and building community relations at the State University of New York, Oswego. 

Director of Internet Relations

Lorri Zipperer, MA

Responsible for the ISCOME social media and the maintenance of the ISCOME website contents in correspondence with the ISCOME webmaster, and in coordination with the ISCOME officers and executive board. 

Lorri Zipperer, MA is the principal at Zipperer Project Management in Albuquerque, NM. Lorri was a founding staff member of the US-based National Patient Safety Foundation (NPSF) as their information projects manager. Through her work she promotes a systems-safety orientation to evidence, information and knowledge (EI&K) service. Lorri's efforts focus on bringing multidisciplinary teams together to envision, design and implement EI&K initiatives. She has also been the development editor for the US government-funded AHRQ Patient Safety Network since its inception. Lorri was recognized with an Institute for Safe Medication Practices “Cheers” award for her work with librarians, libraries and their involvement in patient safety. She has designed classes and outreach focused on the value of a system-oriented approach to evidence and information access as a strategy to mitigate diagnostic error, and knowledge management as a foundation for highly reliable health care. Ms Zipperer edited two texts for Gower Publications, UK on knowledge management and evidence, information, and knowledge transfer in patient safety Both were published in the spring of 2014.

Director of Patient Affairs

Brian Stafford

The Director of Patient Affairs is in regular contact with the ISCOME executive board to exchange perspectives and suggest ways in which ISCOME can better represent and reach the patient community. He is responsible for integrating the patient’s voice into ISCOME’s teaching, research and service activities, and facilitates regular information exchange between ISCOME and the patient community as a primary stakeholder in ISCOME’s translational mission. He also supports evidence-based translational innovations developed by the ISCOME workgroups that aim to reach the patient community to enhance ISCOME’s impact at the front-line of care.

Brian Stafford is a WHO Patients for Patient Safety Champion. In Australia, he holds a seat on the Human Research Ethics Committee of a major teaching hospital. He also contributes as a consumer referee to the international research publications of the Cochrane Collaboration. In his local community, he sits on a number of advisory groups of service providers and government. In medical research, he is a community representative in a current programme of out-of-hospital resuscitation cardiac arrest, Aus.-REC out of Monash University. In his professional role, he is qualified to prepare briefs of prosecution to trial in civil and criminal cases.