Mission, Objectives, and Values


ISCOME’s mission is to activate global interdisciplinary research collaborations that harness communication science to improve the quality and safety of healthcare.


The ISCOME workgroup dedicates itself to this mission in a united pursuit of eight tangible objectives:

Goal 1
We aim to integrate the knowledge and practices from communication science and related fields into healthcare.

Goal 2
We aim to develop innovative approaches to improve communication in healthcare.

Goal 3
We generate new knowledge about communication in healthcare through research and evaluation.

Goal 4
We translate research on communication in healthcare into practices to improve patient care globally.

Goal 5
We aim to implement our research findings as practices at multiple levels.

Goal 6
We will disseminate research-based knowledge and information.

Goal 7
We intend to educate and train healthcare practitioners and patients.

Goal 8
Our ultimate objective is to inform policy.


ISCOME workgroup members share six core values that substantiate their goal-oriented pursuit of the center’s mission. The following keywords that capture these values indicate that ISCOME workgroup members are (1) “transdisciplinary,” (2) “collaborative,” (3) “multi-level,” (4) “evidence-based,” (5) “multicultural,” and (6) “global.”