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Ongoing Projects - Open Groups

“Patient Safety Lessons from Communication Science for Medical Education” (tentative title)

Authors: Childress M*, Hannawa AF, Pham JC, Spitzberg BH, Wu A, Petronio S – accepting additional co-authors
Outlet: Academic Medicine
Timeline: 1 July 2016 – submission deadline

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Ongoing Projects - Closed Groups

Special section: “Contributions of Communication Research to Patient Safety”

Outlet: BMJ Quality & Safety
Editor: Hannawa AF
Contents: Big data, digital health, patient/family activation, team integration/coordination, healthy aging
Contributing authors: Spitzberg BH*, Øvretveit J*, Beach W*, Roter DL*, Nussbaum J*, Street R, Hannawa AF, Little T,  Donaldson L, Juhasz R, Afifi W, Wu A
Timeline: 1 March 2016 – submission deadline

Case Studies Book: “Communication Pearls for Safe and High Quality Medicine” (volume 1: medical students and physicians; volume 2: nursing)

Authors: Hannawa AF*, Juhasz R, Wu A
Timeline: 1 November 2016 – submission deadline (volume 1), 1 August 2017 – submission deadline (volume 2)

Textbook: “Communication Science and Patient Safety”

Authors (English version): Hannawa AF*, Pham JC
Authors (German version): Hannawa AF*, Jonitz G
Publisher: Mouton deGruyter (English version), Elsevier (German version
Timeline: 1 June 2016 – submission deadline English version; 1 December 2016 – submission deadline German version

Concluded Projects

Special issue: “Interdisciplinary perspectives on medical error”

Outlet: Journal of Public Health Research, 2(3), 2013
Editor: Hannawa AF
Contributing authors: Petrocelli JV*, Spitzberg BH*, Carthey J*, Clarke JR*, Pham JC*, Girard T, Pronovost PJ, Larizgoitia I*, Bouesseau MC, Kelley E, Petronio P*, Helft PR, Child JT, Guillod O*, Wu A*, Boyle DJ, Wallace G, Mazor KM, Manser T*
Available open-access at