Franco Vimercati

Director of “Struttura Complessa di Radiologia” since 01/10/2000 – Head Physician qualification achieved in 1989 – Incumbent President of Federazione delle Società Medico-Scientifiche Italiane (F.I.S.M.). Teacher and Speaker in more than 100 courses and congresses on Radiology topics. Member of the Team created by the Health Ministry for “Paperless” procedures development in healthcare (CNIPA Technical Committee). Team Member of COTE Project managed by Agenas and Member of TTRAM Group created by Lombardy Region on Health Technology Assessment strategies. Elected in 1996 in the Executive Board of the Italian Society of Medical Radiology (SIRM), maintains membership as President of the National Union of Radiologists (SNR). Member of the National Committee for Continuous Medical Education (ECM) from 2002 to 2006. As Scientific Committee Coordinator has developed the CIRM Course 187/2000 of Lombardy Region on Protection against Radioactive emissions; the course has been attended by more than 5000 participants in 2007/2008. Member of the Study Group on screening procedures implementation according to DCR 1294 (29/07/1999) organized by Lombardy Region. Has developed exhaustive skills in management of criticalities related to technical choices in health management. Skills in Radiologist activities evaluation systems at national level and member of several SIRM Regional Sections focused on clinical Guide Lines development.