Benefits of Becoming an ISCOME Member

The centrality and broad impact of human communication on health care quality and outcomes offer an exciting and critically important moment for communication scholars and healthcare scholars alike. With patient safety as an emerging discipline challenging existing health care structures and processes, communication studies emerge as central to the mission and focus on safety and quality. Communication studies can contribute a central and innovative role not only in the basic education of medical professionals, but also in larger field. At the same time, scholars in communication science and health-related fields have the opportunity to draw upon a wealth of disparate theoretical and empirical strands in order to clarify questions of real impact, illuminate complex structures and relationships, and help explore solutions to pressing problems as well as intellectual mysteries.

By asking relevant questions and conducting academically sound research to find their solutions, ISCOME members are uniquely positioned to provide answers that enhance our understanding of the quality and safety in health care institutions across the world. Become an ISCOME member now to join an interdisciplinary group of scholars and practitioners who have dedicated themselves to improve patient safety by integrating their knowledge, empirical data, and disciplinary perspectives into innovative research collaborations. 

ISCOME membership offers many benefits:

Benefit 1: Join a network of international experts

You will become a member of an international network of distinguished scholars and professional experts from various disciplines including medicine, communication science, public health, psychology, ethics, and law. You will become part of a progressive society that strives to improve quality and safety in medical care through innovative interdisciplinary collaborations. 

Benefit 2: Establish interdisciplinary collaborations and research

ISCOME joins scholars and professionals from diverse disciplinary backgrounds who are motivated to improve health care quality and safety. ISCOME serves as a think tank and scientific platform that fosters collaborative interdisciplinary research across the globe. It will allow you to connect with like-minded people who are keen on improving safety and quality in healthcare to optimize care outcomes for patients, practitioners, and health care systems across the world.

Benefit 3: Take advantage of discounted rates

ISCOME members will benefit from exclusive networking opportunities with elite experts from various disciplines at ISCOME conferences. Benefit from a discounted membership fee when you register for the next ISCOME conference.

Benefit 4: Stay up to date on research

The ISCOME website and tweet keeps members informed on new internal research projects and findings at the intersection of communication science and health care. At the same time, members have the opportunity to promote their own research via the ISCOME Tweet.