Antonio Rizzo

Full Professor of Cognitive Science at the University of Siena (2003-Present) and Co-Founder of UDOO (2013). Director of the Academy of Digital Arts and Science – ArsNova Siena (2004 – 2010). Chair of the European Association of Cognitive Ergonomics (2000 – 2006). Head oh the Human Factor Group of the Italian National Railways (1996 – 1999). Member of the Scientific Committee of the Programme Incitatif de Recherche sur l’Education et la Formation (PIREF) of the French Government (2002-2003).  University Liason for Apple Inc, for the Apple Design Project (1996-1997). Consultant for Philips Design, Simens, Eurocontrol, Trenitalia, Ilva, Indesit-Hotpoint, Eni, Acea, Procura di Torino, Procura di Bologna. His main area of interest is at the crossroad of cultural-historical  psychology with interaction design.