Tommaso Bellandi

Tommaso Bellandi is a certified Ergonomist/Human Factors Engineer (Eur.Erg.). He graduated at the University of Siena in 2001 in Communication Science, he got a Master in Ergonomics and Human Factors in 2003 and a PhD in ICT in 2006 at the University of Florence. During his PhD he attended a visiting programme at the Clinical Safety Research Unit of the Imperial College in London and at the Danish Society for Patient Safety in Copenhagen.

Since 2004 he works at the Centre for Clinical Risk Management and Patient Safety, located at the Department of Health of the Tuscany Region in Florence, where he has the responsibility for quality and safety in the Regional Transplant Organization. He also coordinates the regional reporting and learning system of adverse events and the northwest network for patient safety.

He teaches ergonomics and patient safety at the University of Florence and at the Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies in Pisa.

He is author of more than 60 publications on Italian and international journals and books on patient safety, human factors and ergonomics in healhcare.

He is member of the board of the Italian Ergonomics Society, with the role of president of the national assessment board of professional ergonomists and member of the Council of the Centre for the Registration of the European Ergonomists.